A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Shan Shan Side Story 2 3

Wei Wei and Shan Shan Side Story 2: The Boss PK the Great Master

When Feng Teng walks into the bedroom, he sees Shan Shan staring at the computer screen with sparkling eyes.

“You’re playing games online again?” Feng Teng takes off his jacket and walks over.

“Hurry and come see.  He’s too cool!!”

Shan Shan’s gaze is fixed to the computer.  When he comes near, she pulls him over directly and points to the dashing figure moving swiftly around on the screen, “Look!  Wei Wei’s husband is PKing another player.  His moves are so cool!”

Feng Teng gives an once-over, and then he shifts his gaze to his wife’s face……

And then……

How did things turn this way?

Shan Shan is squatting beside the table with her chin resting on the top.  She stares at her laptop depressingly as it is now in the Boss’s possession.

The Boss has fallen to the pits……He has actually snatched the game from her to play.  And to start it off, he is picking the hardest challenge!  He’s actually inviting Xiao Nai to PK when it’s his first time playing.

He has just learned how to walk, so what skills does he have, okay?!

Yet he dares to go up to him!

As expected……he dies a fast death.

Shan Shan turns her head away since she can’t bear to see the outcome.

Feng Teng glances at her and lets out a “hmph!”  He concentrates on reading the avatar’s skills.  After familiarizing it again, he invites ASmileNaiHe to a second round of PK.

……He manages to endure the fight for three minutes this time.

The third time……

He’s actually able to withstand it a bit longer.

On the fourth time……

He still hasn’t fallen yet after fighting for so long.

Shan Shan stares at the screen anxiously.  After a while, she opens her eyes wide from shock and shouts excitedly, “AHHH!  He’s out of blue!  You’re going to win!!!”

“I’m also out.”

After Feng Teng finishes stating the facts in his calm voice, the two figures that have been flying around on the screen immediately separates; they each sit on one side to meditate in order to replenish their health.

“So you guys tied?!”

Shan Shan adds thrillingly, “You actually tied with ASmileNaiHe!!!”

ASmileNaiHe is such a magnificent character, yet Boss is able to tie with him in a fight so quickly!

Shan Shan feels that the Boss is too incredibly.  She happens to be squatting beside his legs, so she reaches out and hugs them while expressing her adoration, “You’re so powerful.”

Although his wife’s gleaming eyes are finally looking at him, losing three rounds before finally tying on the last one is an embarrassment to CEO Feng, who has always been a winner in life.

Therefore…..he types the message calmly——”It was my wife playing just now.”

Shan Shan beside him, “……”

On the other side, Xiao Nai also replies calmly, “It was my son playing just now.”

Wei Wei beside him, “……”

Wei Wei is enlightened.  No wonder they can be business partners.  They’re just as shameless!

Wei Wei asks, “Is that good for you to say?…..Isn’t CEO Feng our company’s biggest investor?…..”

Xiao Nai says with composure, “It’s fine.  All the money that Feng Teng has invested on the company has already been used up.”

Wei Wei, “……”

On the other side.

Shan Shan complains, “You lost.  If you hadn’t delayed us from having kids, we could have also said that it was our baby playing.”

Feng Teng’s face is very gloomy, but he hums in agreement, “Mm.”

Shan Shan, “……What are you thinking about?”

Feng Teng answers, “I suddenly realized that I haven’t reviewed the projects from Zhi Yi for a long time, so I’m planning to find some time to take a look at them.”

Shan Shan, “You’re just trying to find a way to avenge your personal injustice through work……”

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