A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Shan Shan Side Story 1 4

Wei Wei and Shan Shan Side Story 1

Xue Shan Shan is a newb when it comes to online gaming……

How much of a newb is she?  She is such a newb that……she only dares to complete quests on her own to level up.  She doesn’t have the courage to team up with others, afraid that if she makes a creative move, or uses an unpredictable and magnificent skill, her whole party would die……

Therefore, even though she is the wife of Feng Teng Technology’s Boss and has gotten the best equipment from under the table due to her status, she only dares to stand in front of the entrance of a high level quest; lonely and impressively; refusing to join any party.

But her equipment is too eye catching, and her avatar is standing alone looking desolated; like a big shot high level player.  Therefore, other players keep inviting her to their parties, and Shan Shan’s finger is almost numb from clicking decline.  She has no choice but to put a title on top of her head.

Eight words——A Teammate Who’s as Dumb as a Pig.

The world is immediately quiet.

Until she befriends Bei Wei Wei!

She is like a Goddess, okay?!

“Wei Wei, are you really willing to lead me?!”


“I’m really dumb.  I’ll cause the whole team to die!”

“It’s okay.  You just need to stand and don’t move.”

“Wei Wei, you’re too nice 55555555 (boohoohoohoo, crying).  How come I didn’t get to meet you sooner?!”

Shan Shan is actually making a comeback on online gaming.  During her pregnancy, she completely quit playing.  Now that her baby has stopped using the bottle and Boss still isn’t letting her go back to work, Shan Shan can’t help but feel bored.  When the baby doesn’t need her attention, she would go play a bit online.

It goes without saying that having someone lead the way is a bliss!  Xue Shan Shan has never experienced this feeling before; she just needs to walk around, enjoy the scenery, and her experience level and money will rise on its own.  If she doesn’t want to walk around, she just needs to activate the follow function and then she can fall into a daze staring at the screen.

On one day, both of them have some free time, so Wei Wei is taking her to complete some quests, but all of a sudden, the Wei Wei on screen freezes and doesn’t move.

Party Channel:

ReedWeiWei: 33 (Shan Shan), sorry.  I need to go take care of something first.

MasterBossTakingCareOfBaby: Okay, 7878 (go, go).

Wei Wei’s husband must have returned.  Shan Shan is very experienced with this; she bets that Wei Wei will come back in a moment and tell her that she will go offline for the day.

Shan Shan glances at the time displaying on the computer screen.  Shucks, it’s already so late.  Wei Wei’s husband has already come home from work, yet why is her own husband still in a conference meeting?

Should she go deliver some late night snack to him?

Just as Shan Shan is debating in her head, the Wei Wei on the screen suddenly moves.

MasterBossTakingCareOfBaby: You’re back?  Do you still want to continue?

ReedWeiWei: hao. (yeah)

Shan Shan immediately tosses the Boss who’s stuck in a meeting to the back of her head; she follows Wei Wei joyfully to gain experience level.

Just when Shan Shan is following behind happily while picking up dropped items, a message appears on the party channel——”Auntie, stop picking up items from behind.  I’m going to be fighting the boss soon, so if you trail too far behind, you won’t gain any experience.”


Shan Shan is struck dumb.  After a while, a scary thought springs to her mind: “Could you……be……Cong Cong?”


“……Where’s your mom?”

“Daddy is back.  Mommy and Daddy are playing together.  Cong Cong was playing with little brother.  Little brother went to sleep, so Cong Cong is playing on the computer.”

Shan Shan replies with much difficulty: “……Good Cong Cong……you’re so smart……your little pair of hands knows how to type so many words……”

“Mm!  (paternal) Grandma said, Cong Cong and little brother and daddy are just as smart.  (maternal) Grandma said, Cong Cong and little brother are smarter than mommy!”

Shan Shan: ……Wei Wei, is there really no problem with your status in the family?!

Party Channel:

ReedWeiWei: Auntie!  I’m done.

Shan Shan quietly watches the boss from the quest fall to the ground.  She quietly walks over, and numbly takes away the items that the boss has dropped……

The level between one person to another is too great……

Someone’s kid is already able to lead her in online games……

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